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Facial Therapies

Health Unlimited believes in the use of non-invasive technology which is the newest and most sought after approach to maintaining youthful looks.  It gives us a way to approach aesthetic changes gradually, safely and without risk of trauma or down time.


When you commit to a series of therapies, you will see a visible improvement in the health and vitality of the skin, which provides a more comfortable outlook on aging.

Diamond Lift
Provides a unique opportunity to access a variety of wave forms to gently, yet effectively mold and reshape the face, restoring the youthful contours. Learn More


$100 single session

30 min
A method of skin rejuvenation that helps diminish acne, scars, sun damage, fine lines, strechmarks and irregular pigmentation.  Learn More


$75 single session

30 min
Detoxifying Facial
This facial includes a deep pore cleaning facial massage, customized facial mask, eye treatment and nutrient moisturizer to provide your skin with a decrease in the depth of wrinkles and fine lines.


$50 single session

30 min
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