Pain Management Therapies

At Health Unlimited, we offer a holistic approach to pain management.  We design an individualized pain therapy program for each client's unique needs that can offer long-term results to chronic pain.

Amethyst Bio-Mat
The Bio-Mat is a high-quality infrared heating mat.  The core of its technology is infrared light, negative ions & amethyst crystals.


$25 single session

30 min
Cold Laser Therapy
Low-level laser penetrates the surface of the skin for relief of acute and chronic pains. It enhances nerve regeneration, reduces inflammation and increases speed of tissue repair with out damage to the skin.


$50 single session 

30 min
Auriculotherapy is a therapeutic intervention in which stimulation of the auricle of the external ear is utilized to alleviate health conditions & relieve stress in internal organs.


$50 single session

30 min
Muscle Adjustment
Includes: Auriculotherapy & Cold Laser Therapy.  Restores the original structural alignment & allows pain-free movement by balancing the sciatic nerve.


$150 single session

1 hr