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BEMER Technology Therapy is a multi-dimensional signal that effectively stimulates restricted or impaired circulation.
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$25 per session

30 min
In just one 10-minute session per week, you can gain the benefits normally restricted to hour-long exercise sessions. 


$50 per session

30 min
iTeraCare is an electromagnetic wave with the same vibration frequency as human cells, that can resonate with human cells and activate them.

$50 per session

20 min

Gift Certificates are available at any value, & can be used for any therapy that we offer.  


Give the gift of health to your friend or loved one.


We offer therapies that help individuals achieve a state of health that they want to maintain.  Through our cleansing therapies, we help individuals learn a lifestyle of preventative health practices.  Health Unlimited understands the uniqueness of each individual, therefore, we custom design a personal health program that fits each client's needs.
Please inquire about combining any therapy listed below to create a discounted package.
Personal Health Profile (PHP)
A personal health profile tells us the strengths & weaknesses in your body.

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$90 initial visit

$45 follow-up visits

30 min
Natural Gravity Fed Colonic
Colon therapy is a safe gentle infusion of warm alkaline water into the rectum using no chemicals or drugs. It is a restorative, painless procedure that is both relaxing and effective.   Learn More


$65 single session

30 min
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
While lying inside an inflatable soft chamber, room air is delivered with slighty elevated pressures.  This increases the supply of oxygen to the tissues and helps kill bacteria.   Learn More
$100 single session
30 min
Infrared Sauna Therapy

A detoxifying tent uses infrared to flush out toxins while purifying the body.

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$50 single session

20 min
Amethyst Bio-Mat
The Bio-Mat is a high-quality infrared heating mat.  The core of its technology is infrared light, negative ions & amethyst crystals.

$25 single session

30 min
Lymphatic Cleanse
Using wave-form technology, we gently & effectively cleanse the lymphatic system. Learn More


Includes: Bio-Mat

$75 single session                         1 hr

Ionic Footbath
While soaking your feet in warm alkaline water, the Ionic Footbath draws toxins out of the body.  Learn More


$35 single session

30 min
Herbal Foot Soak
This therapy includes minerals, herbs, oils & salts in a hydro footbath.  It helps to replenish the body's nutrients.  It can also be targeted toward specific health issues. 


$50 single session

30 min
Frequency Machine
This therapy cleanses every form of virus, parasite & bacteria that causes health problems from A-Z.  Learn More


$50 single session                         1 hr

Ear Candling
Ear Candling rids the ear of impurities & removes wax.  Learn More


$42 per session

30 min
Reflexology massage is deeply relaxing and therapeutic.  It also decreases stress and anxiety in the entire body.  Learn More


$55 single session                         1 hr

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